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Are you a person with a product to sell?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your product onto hundreds of websites, into successful catalogs, on radio and TV, in print ads, and in front of millions of viewers using just one contact? Guess what—you can!

Not only are we masters of direct response television and radio, but MediaPower has developed our own expansive inventory of online and printed catalogs that span many categories. This is what makes our approach in web, catalog and package inserts unique, giving us the ability to take your product to market in a way that most other companies can’t imagine.

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Are you a spokesperson available for hire?

MediaPower is continually looking for fresh talent and new faces for the hundreds of TV and radio infomercials we produce. Each year, we spend millions of dollars on TV, radio, and print advertising, exposing millions of consumers a month to the many benefits of our products.

Do you have the talent and presence to be a spokesperson? Put your name behind one of MediaPower’s products and share the revenue generated as the product succeeds. Our infomercial production is simple and effective. Much of our recording can even be done via telephone at your convenience from your own home or office.

If you are a spokesperson, doctor, product specialist, professional talent, or anyone simply looking for more market exposure, team up with our knowledgeable production staff to get the results you need. Together we can reach thousands of new customers every day.

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